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Urban fish farming – the future of fishing September 11, 2006

Posted by Al in : food,future,invention,nature,science , trackback

Another great idea that will probably never take off until it’s almost too late, then people will say “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”. The idea is simple – take a warehouse, or even some unused office space, fill it full of small(ish) tanks, set up a recirculating water supply system along with some aerators and lights and grow lots of fish.

The pro’s are:

The con’s are:

Given that the pro’s far outweigh the con’s, and that food produced within an urban environment doesn’t need to be shipped any great distance, and that this will help relieve the strain on the fast shrinking wild populations, and you end up with healthy fish that has been brought up in a cleaner environment than the rivers or the sea – I really can’t see any reason why this doesn’t start tomorrow. Can you?


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