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Lego rubber-band minigun September 11, 2006

Posted by Al in : clever,cool,design,invention,Uncategorized,weapons , trackback

Isn’t Lego great? Not only can you give it to kids to let them learn how to be constructive and build things, but you can also give it to big kids and they will work out a way of using it to destroy stuff. Now is definitely the business – it’s battery powered so it spins up to speed nicely, and then unleashes rubber bands at the rate of 11rbps, which is pretty fast. I quite like the suggestion in the comments to team this up with a to have a completely automated defence system for your room or cube. I’m sure we will see the fruition of such a design soon, but meantime watch the video and think of the fun you could have with this.


1. Arthur - October 1, 2006

Cool. Probably the best lego toy I’ve seen yet. I’m going to search on the web for some instructions.