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Academics believe 9/11 was conspiracy September 9, 2006

Posted by Al in : interesting , trackback

What can I say? I really believe at least some part of 9/11 was formulated and executed by the US government, and now so do more and more people. Including a number of academics who say there is no scientific explanation for the way the twin towers collapsed and that there is evidence that the attack was coordinated by a right-wing section of the US government. I think that there is still more to come in the next five years after 9/11.


1. David Pearce - September 13, 2006

I agree, funny how the buildings were insured 6 months before the attack against such an event. Funny how after 9/11 Iraq was fingered as the perpertrator just as Saddam was planning on selling oil in euros instead of dollars. Funny how bush has ties to the bin ladden family and that the only aircraft not to be grounded that day was a private jet, yes, you guessed it, belonging to the bin laddens. Also quite strange was the Bushsters reaction to the attack.
“Mr President a plan has hit the twin towers!”.
“So What, I want to see what happens to Goldie locks”.