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Strange Japanese sites for geeks September 8, 2006

Posted by Al in : bizarre,gadget,weird , trackback

I just came across Akihabara News, which has some great reviews of techy products in Japan. Some of these are pretty mainstream, but some we’ll probably never have in the West. It’s worth having a look and sometimes I still think I would love to live in Japan – but then I come across some of the other products and I’m not so sure.

This website has some very strange products such as this plastic cat’s paw that you can make contract by pulling the trigger – I like the uses they suggest you put it to. The we get into the weird and kinky side of the Japanese with these risque anime figures. Then a sister site offers a radio controlled Doraemon, an iFish, and some spectacularly ugly USB memory sticks shaped to look like Sushi.

Oh, yeah. And Akihabara is also where you can find the famous Capsule Inn. Would imagine this could be quite claustrophobic, but then again may be the ulitmate in convenience. I’d like to try it for a night.


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