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Next big worm is on it’s way August 11, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,hack,Internet,PC , trackback

As I work in Technical Support I can well remember the MS-Blast virus hitting XP machines 3 years ago. My company actually dealt with this virus with our customers and provided free CDs with the MS Patch and some Symantec clean-up software to help get rid of the virus, whether we would be able to cope with doing the same now is another matter. In 2003 Windows 98 was still predominant and XP was a new face in town, now 80% of our users are probably on XP – that’s a lot of customers.

Anyway back to the worm, whose code has been made publicly available so script kiddies can do what they want with it, it can open up some serious security holes on your PC and then allow your PC to take part in some Distributed Denial of Service attacks – so not only will we see a lot of PC malfunctioning and running very slowly, but we’ll also see websites falling over as well under DDOS attacks. Now there is a patch already out there – I’ve updated my XP machine, have you?


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