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George Galloway on the Israel/Lebanon conflict August 11, 2006

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I don’t think I actually like George Galloway, I’m certain I don’t agree with all of his polices, but I’m equally certain the I agree with him when he says that the news coverage of the current conflict between Israel and Lebanon is heavily biased towards Israel. I also agree that in this instance Israel are the aggressors and the UN, which includes the USA and the UK, should be putting pressure on Israel to leave Lebanon rather than pressuring Hizbullah to stop attacking Israel. It is also quite refreshing to hear a politician make definite statements, no vacillating for George, and also to hear one stand up to a news reporter genuinely and then point out the bias in their questions. All in all well worth a listen.

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1. Phil Rose - August 11, 2006

I loved this video. Yes indeed, Sky getting a pasting. Incidentally, my big Bro, Rosey Repeat, is active in his Respect (terrible name) party. George stood a load of them a drink in a pub then left forgetting to pay. Hmmm.