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Inbox.com – better then GMail? August 8, 2006

Posted by Al in : email,website , trackback

I’ve just discovered Inbox.com, and it’s GUI looks a LOT better than GMail’s GUI. For some reason GMail has never felt as though it ever got out of Beta – it has always looked very simple and unsophisticated. Now this can be a good thing, but when you see the nice, pretty GUI that is offered by Inbox.com then you realise that not enough effort has been put into GMail over the last year and it really is faling behind. Inbox.com looks professional and is somethign that you would want to use daily, whereas GMail looks cheap in comparison. I think Google need to do something if they want to maintain anmy kind of market lead. Oh yeah! – did I mention that Inbox.com comes with a calendar built in rather then having to switch apps to Google calendar?

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