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DIY RAID5 NAS August 7, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,networking,PC,tutorial , trackback

There are lots of capital letter in the title of this post, but they’re there for a reason. This neat little tutorial shows how to build a nice working Network Addressed Storage (NAS) device, running RAID5 (Redundand Array of Inexpensive Disks – level 5) all by yourself. I like this as I recently bought a Netgear NAS enclosure with 2 HDDs to RAID (although obviously not RAID 5 as there are only 2) and this has been a complete failure for me. It won’t pick up an IP and it will only work through XP – not ideal for mys home network. So I’ll either need to buy a second NIC and instal that on my XP machine, and then set it up with DHCP working in both directions, or possibly sell this NAS to a friend of mine who’slooking for one at the moment and then build my own NAS using something along the lines of these instructions. I’m considering the latter option.

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