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M-107 Long range sniper rifle July 31, 2006

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I’m not a big weapons fan by any means, but I saw a program on the Discovery channel the other day which featured this rifle and I was impressed. The Barrett M-107 is no ordinary sniper rifle as it delivers .50 Caliber rounds – you can see the size difference here. These rounds are so powerful that they can penetrate an average house wall with ease and also have a very good range – in fact the M-107 is accurate at over 1 mile distance.

Now something that can penetrate walls with accuracy is definitely going to put your opposition off. The rounds can also penetrate light armour on vehicles, with the armour-piercing rounds obviously able to penetrate even heavier shielding, and are particularly good at taking out engines as well.What is most impressive about the M-107 though is the fact that it is a semi-automatic rifle in a world of bolt-action sniper rifles. It is capable of delivering 9 rounds in as many seconds, which allows a sniper time to either take on another target or keep going at their current target. Also I especially liked the neat design of the muzzle brake which is vented backwards. This uses the muzzle gases to propel the barrel forward, which in turn reduces recoil significantly. I’m sure there are a lot of snipers out there who are very grateful for this feature as it eases the strain on their shoulders and also allows far greater accuracy. All in all this is a great gun.

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