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Best looking Media PC – the Shuttle M2000 July 23, 2006

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Now I really would like one of these beauties. The M2000 is a good looking case with all the right gear and spec to do everything you want in your living room. The M2000 has twin digital tuners, a 1.6Ghz Dual-Core processor 1GB of memory, a 200GB drive and you can add whatever extra storage you want through it’s removable drive caddy. It looks good with it’s fluorescent display and has a good range of outputs as well. Definitely something I might start saving towards, who knows I may have enough money for when it’s released.

In the meantime you could always settle for it’s slightly less well endowed brother, the M1000, which doesn’t have the digital tuners, only has a single-core chip but is still very good looking. After all how much processing power do you need in the living room where you’ll mainly be watching TV and movies, listening to music or just browsing?

The only trouble with wanting stuf that is just so good? That will be the price then. Still these may just be worth that kind of money if they are as good as the specs suggest and if they are really quiet as well. This review seems to think so.

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