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Tremulous – FPS+RTS July 14, 2006

Posted by Al in : games , trackback

This seems like a good idea – take a good FPS engine and add some RTS elements to end up with a game with the best of both worlds. In Tremulous you are involved in a FPS based on the Quake3 engine, however you also have to build your own spawn points and if you lose all yours then you canot spawn and will be wiped out – but if you destroy your opponents then they will suffer the same fate. Nice idea and I also like the fact that if you play an alien you evolve rather than just get credits – however I’m pretty certain you need to play as part of a team and since I like to go it alone this may score against the game for me.

I have downloaded this and decided I would try it out tomorrow – but poor old Tremulous had no idea that WarRock would be becoming publicly available tomorrow. I’m sorry but my heart is with WarRock and I will probably be glued to my PC for the next few weeks playing it.

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