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I’m climbing the search rankings July 13, 2006

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When I fist started blogging then my website was purely for my pleasure, and was a handy place to keep track of some bits and pieces – this is why it’s full of old rubbish and half finished pages. And when I used to search for “Alonline” in Google, or any other search engine, then I was not even listed on the fron page of results, I was always beaten by the American Library and an Italian website.

Today I was reading about how it was wise to check for “digital dirt” on Digg and I’m not even in the top 100 results on any search engine, so I just thought I’d have a look for “Alonline” and I was shocked. Yahoo has my blog second in it’s rankings, and I’m kicking American Librarie’s ass; Google has 2 of my profiles in 2nd and 3rd place and my site in 5th, and even Ask.com has me in it’s top 5. That’s starting to get better.

I alos spoke to a good friend of mine, Chris, who now lives abroad and he has my site’s feed on his Google homepage – now how cool is that?

This is why I’m trying to redesign my site – have a look here – but stupid cross-browser issues are getting in my way. I may go for a slightly more standard, but maybe prettier, fixed width design if I can’t get this working correctly soon. Anyway expect a new site as soon as I can make it look good, and expect some new content and a lot of the current partial pages to disappear.

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