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Topical warning: Net Neutrality July 7, 2006

Posted by Al in : Internet,personal , trackback
I’m not often very topical as this dates rather rapidly, but when Sir Tim Berners-Lee sticks his head above the parapet and says we really need proper Net Neutrality then it’s pretty certain that this would be a Good Thing. (As an aside if you are unaware of where a Good Thing and a Bad Thing comes from please read “Down With Skool” before we become so separated from that timeframe that it won’t mean anything to you.)

Anyway if the creator of the World Wide Web says Net Neutrality is a requirement, and points out that the US may be about to get it wrong again, then maybe it’s time something was done. I’m about to see what I can add my name to anyway – and I’d advise you to do so too.

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