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Virgin plans NTL merger? December 5, 2005

Posted by Al in : personal , trackback

I’m not blogging this because it’s cool, or of any major interest to anyone outside of me and my colleagues who all work for NTL. We have recently been preparing ourselves for a merger with delegate, which has been on the cards for years. Merging with telewest makes sense as the combined group would cover over 50% of the UK and so would offer serious competition to both BT and Sky. However this report seems to suggest the Virgin are interested in a merger with just NTL – no mention of Telewest – now I’m assuming they mean the combined firm of NTL and Telewest, but if not then things could start to get really interesting.

I only wish I worked for NTL directly as I used to, and that I had been able to capitalise on some of the old share offers they used to provide their staff. Typically they stopped doing this the year I started working for them and so I never got the chance to buy some seriously cheap shares.

Whatever, this new merger will just make life more fun in work as even more rumours will circulate.


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