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Modest Apparel … December 5, 2005

Posted by Al in : bizarre,website,weird , trackback

I’m sorry but this woman has no idea of how to name an internet domain since www.modestapparelchristianclothinglydiaofpurpledressescustomsewing.com is almost as long as the description she gives her page – “Modest Apparel Christian Clothing Seamstress Sewing Custom Patterns Dresses Long Cape Maternity Wedding Attire Bridal Betrothal garments Nursing Wear Homebirth Ladies Women Homeschooling Children clothes undergarments gowns Lydia of Purple jumpers blouses”.

What really gets me though is the picture on this page. One mong and one man in woman’s clothing – that person at the top right has to be a man, doesn’t it?

I’ve had to edit this post as I’ve just noticed that the same person is offering to design web pages as well – I’m almost tempted to take her up on that.


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