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You can’t polish a turd December 2, 2005

Posted by Al in : PC,website , trackback

You can’t polish a turd” is an old saying, and it still rings true. Gator may have become Claria but the end result is still the same – your surfing is being monitored. This may be a little hypocritical coming from someone who uses Google for searching, email, blogging and just about everything else – however the difference is that I trust Google and I have had some bad experiences with Gator in the past and so don’t trust them What’s more I don’t think I ever will as I still deal with people, on a daily basis, whose PC’s can no longer browse due to their browsers being infected with Spy/Ad-ware.

I’m sorry Gator, I mean Claria, I’m afraid this article means that I will now check the EULA for any freeware I install for mention of Claria, and if I find any then I won’t install it.


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