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Audi A8 W12 November 20, 2005

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One extra bonus I had at the wedding was a chance to drive the new Audi A8. And not just any A8 – the W12 which has the same 6.0 W12 engine as the Volkswagen Phaeton and the new Bentley Continental. I have to say the car is stunning, not just in it’s looks but in the way it accelerates – it clears 60mph in 5.2 seconds and just keeps pulling! I put my foot down on one little journey and the car genuinely leapt forward and when I checked to see if I’d done 60 yet I found I was already past 80 and climbing – fortunately the brakes are rather good as well.
So now I know what I’ll spend £75,000 on when I win the lottery.


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