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BBC – iMP November 4, 2005

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Not a lot from me tonight as I’ve been working all evening and haven’t had time to do much. I have deleted around 100 superfluous files from my webspace, which should help with storage for my next project, however I’m not yet sure whether all my sites are currently working correctly now – time will tell.

One site of note is this – the BBC’s new media player. This will allow anyone in the UK to watch the last 7 days of BBC TV on their PC. I like the fact that you have to be a UK resident as we are the license fee payers, and I like the technology behind it to locate you through your IP. I suppose it is possible that someone will arrange some way of spoofing the IP the Media Player sends to appear in the UK – but this would be quite hard to do. Anyway the iMP is in trial stages now and should be available for all by the end of the year – so keep checking this site.


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