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Maybe not so excellent customer service from LG November 1, 2005

Posted by Al in : personal , trackback

Referring back to an earlier post – here – then I may have to change my mind. Last Friday I was promised a replacement monitor would be with me today. After waiting in all day then still no monitor 🙁

I tried ringing LG this afternoon to chase up a delivery time and could not get through on 5 different occasions, so no chance to verify whether it was on the way or not. However LG had told me that the monitor was being carried by Business Post and could be delivered any time between 9am and 5pm, so I rang Business Post to see if I could find out what time it was due. A nice lady, Jane, actually rang the driver for me and then came back to say the there was no delivery in my name or for my street that day.

So I guess I’ll be ringing LG again tomorrow to find out what’s going on – I’ll be sure to let you know (if anyone is reading this that is).


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