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First ever blog. I will be taking Hydrocodone October 28, 2005

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This is my first effort at blogging. Never thought I’d bother but I keep finding these good links on the net and thought I may as well blog them. My favourite from yesterday is BabySmasher which has to be one of the funniest ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Well, as it turns out, the doctor tells me I will need to research where I can buy hydrocodone online. That’s the medication that I have to take for what I have. Oh right, I should tell you what’s wrong with me. Well I’ve always had back issues, and my chiropractor tells me I have a herniated disc. Apparently the risks for those kind of operations make so they have people deal with it through other means and an operation is the last resort. So I’m to take hydrocodone to hopefully help with the pain. It’s been all my life at this point, so I’m willing to try just about anything if there is a chance it’ll help. I won’t bum you out talking about my health every post, but if there is an update worth sharing you’ll hear about it here!


1. TipGear - February 14, 2008

Thanks for the link Al! I hadn’t seen that before, funny. How come you show your first post as the latest?

2. Al - February 15, 2008

Didn’t know I did.

If you visit alonline.org then you should get the latest posts. Not sure what link you followed to get this post.

3. Al - February 20, 2008

Whoops! It now appears that my entire blog is reversed, and this is due to a problem with 1and1.co.uk, who are my hosting company. They have been remarkably reliable hosts, with excellent uptime, and competitive pricing, but they fall short when it comes to technical support. There is a known problem with MySQL version 5.0.51 (which is documented here and here.

When I asked 1and1 which version of MySQL they were using they replied “version 5.0.45” which would have not caused any problems. However, when I checked which version they are using then they are actually using version 5.0.51, which is the problem version. I have replied to their email to advise them they are wrong, but they have not yet replied, let alone updated the version of MySQL they are using.

I think it’s time to change hosting companies.

4. DevCase - March 13, 2008

Strange that it took them so long to find out and it’s still not fixed? You can’t possibly have the only WordPress installation running at 1and1.

On a positive note it’s good for new readers that wants to read all posts starting with the first 😉