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Excellent customer service from LG October 28, 2005

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I am the proud owner of a lovely monitor – an LG L1720B – which I have owned for 18 months. I felt even better when the entire call center in which I work updated their montiors to the same make and model, almost 1,000 monitors in total. However this was short-lived as my monitor at home suddenly started playing up.

At first it would just be when it started up, it would display a complete screen for the first 30 seconds and then this would shrink to a thin (4-5 pixels) horizontal band for the next 2 – 30 minutes and then suddenly this would pop up to full screen and everything would be OK. This was bearable as I would just turn the PC and monitor on and then do something else whilst waiting. But in the last 4 days the screen was turning a very nice shade of purple and then fading to black and today it failed completely. I tried connecting to another PC and using another monitor lead however still the same – the monitor was completely dead!

I was, understandably I feel, a little bit peeved. This was not a cheap monitor 18 months ago and I had expected a bit more really, like double that lifespan. I was trying to work out if I should splash out a lot on a 19″ monitor or go for a cheaper option for the time being when I thought I’d check out the warranty on my LG. It appeared to be a carte blanche 3 year warranty so I thought I’d give them a call. The agent I spoke to just asked for the serial number of the monitor and then said “Will you be in next Tuesday?”, when I said yes then he advised me a replacement would be with me on Tuesday – no questions asked. He didn’t even want me to describe the symptoms or what I had done to test whether it was the monitor at fault.

As far as I can tell this is either stunning customer service or maybe this model of monitor is prone to this particular fault so they just replace them automatically. Either way I’m happy as I will be the owner of a new monitor in less than 4 days.

Well done LG!


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