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Climate Change – not what you expect September 11, 2008

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Climate Change is something that we all agree on, isn’t it? We all know that our excessive lifestyles are causing CO2 to rise into the atmosphere, and this process is causing the Earth’s climate to become hotter and hotter, to the detriment of all of us. However, there are strong arguments that this is not really happening, and that the Earth’s climate is, in fact, getting colder. As the evidence for this grows, then it might be time to think about why governments and large corporations want you to think that we are responsible for this non-existent global warming: could it be that there’s a lot more profit and tax in getting consumers to replace all their existing kit with new, environmentally friendly alternatives. Alternatives that their guilt will force them to accept paying a premium for?

That would be a very cynical attitude to take; but there is mounting evidence that global warming may not be happening after all. Indeed, the average temperature of the Earth has fallen every year for the last 10 years. This is, to recycle a phrase, “an inconvenient truth” and one that all the policy makers would prefer to ignore, or to dismiss as merely a delay in the inevitable process of global warming. This would have nothing to do with their vested interests, of course. The same scientific policy makers projected a huge rise in global temperature related to the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere, but while CO2 has continued to rise to match expectations, the global average temperature has not risen at anywhere near the projected rate: this would tend to suggest that the study linking CO2 to global warming should be revisited. In fact, some senior physicists have subjected the IPCC’s working to a bit of analysis and have cast doubts over the data used, the way it has been interpreted and the conclusions drawn from these studies.

Finally, just to add a bit more doubt to the whole global warming issue: a new study suggests that as polar ice melts it allows billions of tonnes of phytoplankton to bloom in previously ice-bound seas. These phytoplankton might be a more efficient carbon store than all the rainforests of the world put together, which may well lead to a dramatic drop in the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. This remains to be seen, but it is clear that whilst melting ice-sheets are bad for polar bears, they may not be bad for the Earth as a whole.

I, personally, don’t believe that the whole global warming issue is as bad as has been made out, and I think that profit and the benefit of a worried and guilty society are the main reasons that this has been pushed into the mainstream media and so onto an unwitting public. I don’t believe that it is coincidence that global warming became the main threat to the world at around the same time that the Cold War finished: governments like their populace to have something other than government to worry about, and so give the government an opportunity to show itself as protecting it’s people. We currently have global warming and terrorists to keep us worried, and I’m certain that there is a killer disease, potential natural disaster or even alien attack waiting in the background, just in case any of the current sources of threat are disproved. Maybe I’m too cynical, but it stops me having to worry.

Human slinky – amazing performance September 10, 2008

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What is most amazing about this performance, to me anyway, is that the guy inside the costume can’t see what he is doing. This makes it difficult to coordinate himself whilst performing, and would make planning and perfecting the routine difficult as well. So, to present such a great show is even more amazing.

HalfTime Basketball Creighton University Omaha Neb – Watch more free videos

Tumbling – uber-gymnastics September 7, 2008

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Tumbling is what everyone wants to see when it comes to gymnastics. It takes all those jumps and spins you see in the floor exercises and just takes them one step further. Forget about artistic interpretation, instead just work on raw speed and agility/ability. I believe that experienced tumblers can get up to 25mph, which is faster than most sprinters. Anyway, I want to see tumbling become an internationally recognised sport and for it to appear in more competitions. See what you think.

Punch and Judy as you’ve never seen before September 5, 2008

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A very unusual take on Punch and Judy by Jan Svankmajer, which is strangely compelling. make sure your speakers are on as the music is what makes this video.

God has a sense of humour August 31, 2008

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It’s good to see that petty nastiness is not appreciated by whichever god listened and then judged these prayers. One man, who calls himself a Christian whilst engaging in some very un-Christian ill wishing, asked his audience to join with him and pray for rain to ruin the Democratic convention. However, this fell flat as that convention passed without any “rain of biblical proportions” as asked for by Stuart Shepard and his fellow petty praying people, but just look what is happening in time for the Republican convention.

Hurricane Gustav looks to force them to abandon, or at least reschedule their convention due to rain and wind of epic proportions.

I don’t believe this has a “prime cause” but is, instead,  just ironic coincidence; but surely this should cause some of these folks who listen to someone who preaches “hate thy neighbour” rather than “love thy neighbour”, and who encourages people to abandon Christian values of “love thy enemies” or “turn the other cheek”, to re-evaluate where their beliefs lie.

The best swimming pool in the world?

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How’s this for a swimming pool? Set high in the hills of Rajasthan, in the heart of Chittorgarh Fort, this pool has presence, is surrounded by beatiful buildings and has stunning views as well. A place I’d definitely like to visit.

Chittorgarh Fort Pool

Started new job August 25, 2008

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Once again I have to apologise for a lack of posts, but I’ve now started my new job and it combines stress and tedium in roughly equal measures, so it is occupying my thoughts at the moment. Once I settle in then I’ll get back up to speed.

9/11 The Falling Man August 24, 2008

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Well worth a watch, as it’s an informative British documentary.

Do you have a facebook?

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If so you might want to stop using it after watching this short video.  Who would have thought that Facebook had so much capital invested into it by people who might be very interested in knowing who you are and what you are up to? Watch and decide for yourself.

Drunk, high, naked driver crashes …. August 22, 2008

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and there’s more for one of the better post titles of all time. Whilst I definitely don’t approve of the drink driving, I can only applaud this Canadian’s commitment to committing the ultimate victimless crime. High on crack, drunk, naked, masturbating with a prostitute whilst speeding allows him to tick some unusual boxes – I only hope he was blaspheming and farting at the same time, just to complete the set.