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God has a sense of humour August 31, 2008

Posted by Al in : funny,politics , trackback

It’s good to see that petty nastiness is not appreciated by whichever god listened and then judged these prayers. One man, who calls himself a Christian whilst engaging in some very un-Christian ill wishing, asked his audience to join with him and pray for rain to ruin the Democratic convention. However, this fell flat as that convention passed without any “rain of biblical proportions” as asked for by Stuart Shepard and his fellow petty praying people, but just look what is happening in time for the Republican convention.

Hurricane Gustav looks to force them to abandon, or at least reschedule their convention due to rain and wind of epic proportions.

I don’t believe this has a “prime cause” but is, instead,  just ironic coincidence; but surely this should cause some of these folks who listen to someone who preaches “hate thy neighbour” rather than “love thy neighbour”, and who encourages people to abandon Christian values of “love thy enemies” or “turn the other cheek”, to re-evaluate where their beliefs lie.


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