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Blacklight – revolutionary power source or con? July 28, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,future,interesting , trackback

If the claims of Blacklight Power are borne out then they may have created an answer to our growing energy problems. Their brand new fuel cell designs could generate electricity at the cost of just 1p per Kilowatt-hour, which would slash costs for power generation, relieve the current Peak Oil situation we are facing and really kick start the growth of electrically powered transport. It’s fair to say that such a technology could revolutionise the world.

However, the current consensus of the scientific community is that this is not possible, and that the specifications that have been given for Blacklight seem to violate quantum physics as we know it today. This could just be the standard inertia that exists in academia, particularly when something as basic and widely accepted as quantum mechanics is threatened, or it might be the case that all these other scientists are correct and Blacklight might just be a con (conscious or not). I would expect to see the establishment attempting to disprove such an invention as not only does it violate principles physicists hold dear, it would also massively threaten the current status quo in the power industry, especially the oil producers. These guys have a lot of money, and I’m sure they wouldn’t be adverse to encouraging anyone who might feel the need to attempt to prevent such an invention getting financial backing.

Since Blacklight are now into the final phase of commercial negotiations for installations for their fuel cells, we can look forward to learning more over the next year. I really hope that this works, because I’d much prefer to have power plants running on water than running on nuclear fuel. Let’s hope for a revolution.


1. Phil Edwards - July 29, 2008

The company claims to have a pilot plant (50KW) in operation and the Whose Who in industry and government is backing it up.

Although the fossil fuel companies and thier stockholders would be devistated by should be devistated should this technology storm the market, the utility companies would welcome the change with open arms. It fits right into their existing business plans. Furthermore, that kind of technology would be economically only for large scale applications.

2. Al - July 29, 2008

Cheers for the comment. I understand that Blacklight is a commercial scale power source, and not one that would power vehicles directly. However, with the abundance of cheap electricity possible with Blacklight rechargeable electric vehicles would become far more economically viable, which would help encourage their development and popularity. Once again, let’s hope this works.