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The Wasp knife – I wouldn’t want to be stabbed by this June 17, 2008

Posted by Al in : scary,weapons , trackback

Knives just aren’t good enough at killing undersea predators, it seems. Although recent news reports in the UK seem to suggest they are good at killing people. However, underwater you need something that you can carry but that will get rid of any attacking creature quickly, and without spilling blood which might incite a feeding frenzy.

The Wasp knife works by injecting a reasonable sized dose of compressed gas through it’s tip. This expands into a basketball sized bubble at very high pressure, and this expansion means that it is cold enough to freeze the wound, and surrounding area, so that no blood escapes. What it would feel like to have a basketball sized bubble suddenly appear inside you is something I’d rather not contemplate; I’d guess it wouldn’t be that pleasant. Lets just hope that these knives don’t end up on the streets on London, or we’ll find exploded teenagers on the news.


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