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How to reach those left behind after rapture June 9, 2008

Posted by Al in : bizarre,website , trackback

This is a bizarre website with a very specific, but unusual purpose. It’s for all those people in the world (read America for that, then) who are worried that they will be caught up in the rapture of the gospels, but will be leaving people behind that they care about. Those that are left behind will be on Earth for a period of trials and tribulation, and this site allows you to send them emails after you’ve gone to heaven – and all for only $40 a year.

I did wonder how the site would know that the rapture has occurred, but they have got that covered: if 3 out of 5 trusted members fail to log in for 3 days then that triggers the site for readiness; if they fail to log in for another 3 days then your emails will be sent. I’m guessing that you have to trust that these guys will be caught up themselves – otherwise they would remain on Earth and so might continue logging in, maybe out of some perverse feeling of bitterness at not being chosen. Also, how the site determines between rapture and say issues with their hosting companies connection, power failures, hackers or even Armageddon without any rapture first is not discussed.


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