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The Rev Jeremiah Wright – "God damn America" April 19, 2008

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I’ve been trying to avoid any American news, as I’m still fed up of the whole election business. It’s no surprise that you need a lot of money to even contemplate standing for election in America, when it takes years just to select the candidates! I really think some streamlining needs to be done to allow ordinary people the chance to participate, understand and maintain interest in the election process.

However, I just came across this piece today and thought I’d have a quick look; and I went on to find some very articulate, intelligent and well-spoken Americans who seemed to make a lot of sense. Watch the first video to see a news reporter (for Fox News – which makes it so much better) get pwned by a Catholic priest who defends Rev. Wright. Then watch the second video to see the sermon Rev Wright gave, and decide for yourself whether he was being unpatriotic, or pointing out the problems that America has had in its past with its government.


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