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Robot gun turns on its operators – kills 9 February 3, 2008

Posted by Al in : weapons , trackback

Automated and unmanned weapons are the future of the battlefield, but it might increase the risk of friendly fire incidents if this story is anything to go by. A small battery of personnel were manning (although peopling might be better as half of them were women) a firing position made up of 5 automated guns. These Oerlikon AA guns are supposed to track and shoot down incoming aircraft, and possibly missiles, and they fire 500g 35mm explosive shells – which would make short work of any flesh and blood as they are designed to pierce light armour and then explode.

On this occasion a malfunction caused one of the guns to empty its 500 rounds of ammunition in a random manner all around it, including directly into the soldiers working around it. 9 soldiers were killed and 11 injured.


1. Arnold - December 19, 2015

Of the popular mredur weapons; knife, gun, cosh (club), or “personal weapons;” the most dangerous are the personal weapons. While hands and feet are less commonly used than knives, the mortality rate is actually higher. I do see a trend shaping up, where UK juries are beginning to get a belly full of the yobs running roughshod over them and are refusing to convict those accused of self defense. Even when the attack was with fists and the female defending herself snatched a kitchen knife off the counter. Several pols have suddenly discovered some outrage for the situation as a result. Stranger