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"I decided to die like a man…" January 26, 2008

Posted by Al in : fighting,people , trackback

This has to be one of the best quotes ever, and I have to take my hat off to the guy who uttered it. Faced with 3 armed robbers, one of whom was holding a knife to his daughter’s throat, Bernard Dwyer decided that enough was enough, and he took on his assailants despite being heavily beaten beforehand, and managed to see them off despite receiving multiple stab wounds to his head. I can only praise Mr Dwyer on his courageousness, and I wish that we had stronger sentences in the UK for people who are incontrovertibly guilty of serious crimes.


1. anon admirer - January 31, 2008

This guy is truly a hero. He is an example to everyone. I wish to pat him on the back and say well done Mr Dwyer. You maybe a tycoon but your wealth extends to your heroic behaviour.