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How to produce oil and gas from anything December 14, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,invention , trackback

The inventor of a device that can make oil and gas from anything that contains hydrocarbons is scared that the oil companies may assassinate him. From this report, he may just have reason to worry, as his invention uses microwaves to break down hydrocarbon based items into their components, which then coalesce into oil and/or gas. The device is reasonably self-sustaining, as it can produce more than enough fuel to power itself, and still have enough left over to contribute to local economies. This might end up being one of the best recycling tools available today, and should become more widespread as it grows in its abilities.


1. Abbie - January 11, 2008

does it mean we can use a microwave to produce oil from an extract? I am actually experimenting on gumamela leaves oil. How do you think I could possibly produce oil from the gumamela extract? I wish you could help, thank u so much..:)

2. schell - July 6, 2008

can you extract an oil from bougainvillea flower?