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The Hyena Men of Nigeria December 3, 2007

Posted by Al in : people,weird , trackback

I’m not sure how good a pet a hyena would make. It’s not well known for being a placid animal, nor for being easy to domesticate – but that may just be due to not enough people trying. These guys, based in Nigeria, have decided to make hyenas, baboons and pythons their pets though, and the results are unusual. I definitely wouldn’t be prising apart a hyena’s jaws, no matter how close I became to the creature: after all, a hyena is famous for being able to chew through just about anything, including flesh and bone. If you read the text linked to these photographs then you’ll read an interesting statement that comments on the difference between Europe and Africa: Europeans are always concerned for the welfare of these animals. whereas Africans are interested in how much economic value they bring to their owners. As the author points out: until we can change things so that Africans no longer need to consider economic value in all that they do, then things are unlikely to change.


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