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Cheap, low speed wind power November 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,design,invention , trackback

Until these incredibly simple redesign of wind power it was impossible to make wind turbines that could harness breezes and output small voltages. Bearings can only be manufactured to a certain tolerance, and so become the main fail point in micro-turbines. However, if you completely redesign the method of extracting wind energy, so that bearings are no longer an issue, then you can take a generator down to very small scale and produce small scale voltages. What’s really cool about this design, though , is that it can also be scaled up to industrial size and could then be employed in lots of situations. In this video the concept is explained and the designer also mentions that, in addition to producing small scale energy, this design could be scaled up to be emplaced under bridges and along canyons, where it could produce serious power. Watch, and be amazed how obvious well crafted designs can be.


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