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My busy life – Nov 2007 November 10, 2007

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Once again I have to apologise, for not having blogged for ages. I am truly sorry, but my life seems to get busier and busier, and I just cannot find the time to blog at the moment. When I do find I have the time I am finding it harder to find anything to actually blog – ennui seems to be setting in, the interesting parts of the Internet are drying up, and I seem to have seen everything before. You can read more of my moans after the break.

Of the new stuff that’s out there I am not interested in continuing to blog the American electoral race, or whether Bush should be impeached, as I think that the USA will be of little consequence in a few years time, considering the way the dollar is currently devaluing. I am completely fed up with every other article being related to the iPhone, iPod, iTunes, or OS 10.5 – I really don’t care about any of these things, and I am not interested in blogging them (not even the reports of the data loss issues in OS 10.5, or how Apple is screwing it’s iPhone customers). November 5th came, and went, without a huge V For Vendetta style march, here or in the USA, and not a lot has happened elsewhere.

In my personal life I am still being nagged to produce miracles for Winnie’s brother’s restaurant in Reading. I have pointed out that most takeaways manage to get by without a website, so I’m not sure what constant web promotion, and constantly updating the website will do to help trade. I have been asked to take delivery orders on the website, which I could do relatively easily; however, I’m not sure how I could ensure that the person ordering was within 2-3 miles of the restaurant to make the delivery possible. I am also working 2-3 nights a week in Winnie’s takeaway, as well as working 40 hours, or more, in my main job – this doesn’t leave me much time.

An example day would be Wednesday just gone. I booked this day off work, as it was my Mother’s birthday. She’s in her seventies, and so I don’t know how many more birthdays I might get to celebrate with her. I woke at 10:30am (as I’d been out the night before), and got out of bed at 11am. By 12:30pm I had been to the loo, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, got dressed and was ready for action. Winnie’s feeling a bit down at the moment, so it took a while to decide whether we were staying home for lunch, or going out. Staying in won, so I cooked a lunch of Bratwurst, chips, peas and fried eggs – simple, tasty and not desperately unhealthy. By the time we’d eaten this it was getting on for 2pm and by the time I’d washed up and cleaned the kitchen after me it was 2:30pm. Winnie was tired now, so she had a lie down and I decided to iron some clothes, as I hadn’t had time to do so the week before. After ironing 10 tops and 2 pairs of jeans it was almost 4pm, and too late to go anywhere, so I checked my emails and had a quick browse. Before I could believe it, it was gone 5pm, and time to get Winnie off to work, and myself off to meet my Mother for tea. I had tea with my Mother, after presenting her with presents and a comedy card, and then headed out for my regular Wednesday pool match – I arrived at 8:30pm. Pool had been canceled, so I had a couple op games of snooker, but then had to head off to work in Winnie’s place, as her counter staff had to be home by 10:30pm. I worked until midnight, got home and had a quick browse, but by the time I found anything of interest it was gone 1am, and I was too tired to write anything. Another day had just passed me by, and left me in it’s dust.

That was a relatively quiet day, as on the Saturday previous I managed to work over 17 hours, with the only break being the drive between one place of work and the other. I started at 8am and finished at 1:20am the next morning!

I need more hours in a day, and more time in my life.


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