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More on the fish population decline September 8, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,nature,politics , trackback

I wouldn’t normally blog something as one-sided as this article. Stating that the Europena fishing industry is dominates by Galiccian fascists is not that balanced an opinion, however accurate it may be, and this would normally deter me from any such article; however, I really believe that we are overfishing the oceans to the point of no return, and can see some points worthy of note in this article.

Whenever I see an advert on TV that asks which I would prefer: fresh fish caught at see, or farmed fish (where the advert is clearly setting the expectation of fresh fish) then I would definitely prefer farmed fish, which are easily conserved and would protect the wild stock. I have also long wondered at quite why the EU, and other governments, fail to do anything about overfishing; and why the fishing industry always seems to have such a strong influence on government policy. Surely the fishing industry cannot be responsible for that much revenue to the government.


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