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Patriots Question 9/11 August 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : conspiracy,politics , trackback

This is a website that does exactly what it says – American patriots question the government’s reporting of how and why the 9/11 attacks happened, and how the World Trade Centres were brought down. The people who are raising issues with the government reports are ex-government, or ex-forces themselves, and so bring a bit of insight, and gravitas, to the questioning. I’m certain that the WTC towers were brought down in a controlled manner, which would imply forethought and planning; however, I’d never insist you took this view, but I would ask you to read up on the incident before making your mind up. I just can’t see how the tower that was hit in one corner didn’t lean over towards the weak side and so collapse towards the side it was hit – instead it just fell down into it’s own footprint very neatly.


1. profnasty - October 9, 2007

The best compilation of expert testimony and reference for 911 Conspiracy truth. People who question the neocon/Bush story are not alone. Seekers of the truth stand in good company. It almost makes one believe the truth will someday be told. But, given the Bush Cabal’s continued assault on the Middle East, it seems the truth may never be told.