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Convenient crash removes witnesses August 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : conspiracy , trackback

I’d hate to be the one to jump to conclusions (honest!), but there’s something a little bit fishy about this helicopter crash: several of the soldiers killed in the crash were due to testify within a week against their Sergeant, who was accused of killing a prisoner. Now that these key witnesses are gone the case may well be dropped, due to lack of evidence. This would let the Sergeant off the hook, and also prevent the Army being shown in a bad light as well. Very convenient indeed.


1. profnasty - October 9, 2007

Who will be the lucky american to have Sgt Trey Corrales for a neighbor when he returns from Iraq? Those america kills in Iraq are ALL insurgents, even the children. Do you know a veteran? If he committed warcrimes would he tell you about it? If you committed warcrimes would you tell us about it? Please. If you drop a 500lb bomb into a city neighborhood and children are killed, is that a warcrime? Is the US airforce aware or unaware of the victims of ariel bombardment? These answers await you when you meet St. Peter.