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Kowloon walled city – taking overcrowding to new levels August 23, 2007

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I wasn’t going to blog this, as it has been everywhere recently and is not that great an article. However, a few people have now pointed this out to me, probably because it is based in Hong Kong, and so I thought I’d better blog it for future reference. I actually went to Kowloon City in February this year, and it is nothing like the old walled city any more, in fact it is quite a pleasant park now, surrounded by all the same shopping malls and apartment blocks as the rest of Hong Kong. Still, you can only imagine what the old walled city must have been like before it was demolished – probably not a fun place to live.

Just to prove that there is now a park where the Walled City once stood: here’s a link to a map showing the park and how close it is to the hotel where I stay when in Hong Kong.


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