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Giant Lego man floating in the North Sea August 23, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre , trackback

Dutch holiday makers were surprised to see a giant Lego man floating in the North Sea on Tuesday. I was more surprised to see a lack of English in the writing on the Lego man’s chest, as I’m pretty sure the word “more” should be playing it’s part somewhere in that logo. I’d guess this was part of some art installation, and possibly it was meant to be floating in the sea, to be found by unsuspecting member of the public.


1. Bishop - August 24, 2007

Bet there was a few Dutchie thinking they had had far to much to smoke.

2. Bishop - August 24, 2007

cont….. The caption on the blue top would indicates that was created by somewith with great use of Engrish.