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An argument against Christian self-delusion August 19, 2007

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Here’s a well reasoned, informed argument against the lies that most Christians continue to delude themselves with. As pointed out by The Infamous Brad, it is not enough to just say your prayers, believe in Jesus, but to continue to lead a non-Christian life. Instead, if you want Christian salvation, then you ought to live your life according to Christian principles. I know I’d be a lot happier if this were the case, as I’m pretty certain that “do unto your neighbour as you would have your neighbour do unto you” is far more Christian than “an eye for an eye”, which would lead to a more peaceful society at least.

What I find most amusing is how many American Christian churches consider themselves to be following the true word of Christ, when the Puritan sects who emigrated to America were rebelling against the Protestant church of England, who were themselves a rebellion against the Catholic church, which itself was part of a schism between East and West in 1054. Whilst I admire people for having the courage to doubt the teachings they had received from their established church, and to form their own alternative, I regret the fact that they did not have the courage to doubt the necessity of a church altogether, which would have made for a far more peaceful few centuries.

Now we have American churches, with TV star first ministers, raising millions of dollars through their TV shows. Where this money goes is one thing, but just the fact that these ministers are parading themselves on TV, that they are building large churches, that they actively seek out money, seems to be completely against the Puritan principles of the Founding Fathers. I’ll mark today down as yet another day when I am glad I was not born in the USA.


1. Douglas H. Hook. - March 5, 2008

In matters of faith,it is important to every so often ,step back and understand that faith and knowledge are two completely different things.There are many people who are constantly trying to blur the definate line between these two things.
It is quite amazing what people will do in the name of their faith,and one of the most critical aspects of faith is indeed doubt!Whatever your faith may be,once it does not contain doubt,you become potentially dangerous.Your actions even though they may result in the loss of life are good,correct and directly inspired by God.There is absolutely no room for doubt.