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$998,783 to ship 2 washers across USA August 17, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre , trackback

It’s really no wonder that the US economy is suffering, and that the government’s bill for it’s military spending has kept rising. A small company in South Carolina had a contract with the US military to supply parts to all it’s operating centres. Some parts could go round the world to where they were needed, but a lot just traveled within the USA,

such as the 2 19c washers that were shipped to Texas, at a cost of $998,783.

Although this pricing was ridiculous, nobody in the Pentagon, or any other accounting office, noticed these ludicrous charges until last year. When the company was investigated it was discovered that they had been overcharging for the previous 6 years and they had run up an illegal profit of $20.5 million. One of the sisters who owned this company is now dead, apparently, and the other looks set to face a long time in prison.


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