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Trillions of dollars missing – links to 9/11 August 7, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,politics , trackback

What could be better than a conspiracy story where a Zionist becomes comptroller for the Pentagon, and then manages to “lose” trillions of dollars (that’s an awful lot of dollars to lose) just before the biggest media event of this century? This loss is announced on Sep 10th 2001, and guess what happens the next day, which completely overshadows any meager monetary story. Add to this the fact that the World Trade Centre was owned by a Zionist, and the whole WTC site was in need of major refurbishment in order to receive insurance, and the fact that an awful lot of insurance was taken out on the WTC site just before the attacks, and the Israelis who were arrested with vans containing traces of explosives, and these Israelis were allowed to return to Israel without further questioning, and STILL nobody has found out where those trillions of dollars went to. I think we have a definite conspiracy theory on our hands –  and I like it.


1. CARLOS B MURO - August 9, 2007

if there were some americans left with b-a-l-l-s and with
b-r-a-i-n-s we will have the “9/11gate” of the century..!
is e-v-i-d-e-n-t que 9/11 is an “inside job” with all the
media…political…military…and “religious right” involved in
this z-i-o-n-i-s-t / a-m-e-r-i-c-a-n “black-ops”…wich is
the path toward the “new world order” just as is written in
“their” one dollar bill seal…j-e-s-u-s is the LORD ! and
their “nwo” will last only seven years…and it will crumble
with their anti-christ included…just as the world trade
center that their collapsed…is all BIBLE PROPHECY.

2. jimco - August 10, 2007

The short minded sheep have forgotten 9/11 . Let alone something as immense as this.

3. robin499 - August 10, 2007

many troublesome problems were solved for our leaders and corporate heads with the selective destruction of parts of the WTC.ONLY buildings leased by Silverstien were destroyed,the cost of bringing these properties up to code,or demolishing them ,made them a disasterous investment.WTC 7 among other things,held the US Justice Dept. records for the investigation into Enron,Tyco,WorldCom,and many other billion dollar swindles.Insurance for terrorist attack,paying double indemnity,was issued by a company with a Bush relative in the top ranks.Security at Logan Airport,,the WTC and other key sites for this disaster were provided by another company with Bush family involvment.Ex FBI Agent John O’Neil,who was thwarted at every turn while investigating AlQueda activity in our country,quit the FBI and started work as head of security at the WTC on 9/11/01.His intact body was found on top of the rubble after the attack.The supposed collapse of the buildings managed to turn millions of tons of concrete and steel.into a fine powder! The list of un-answered questions, fills many hundreds of websites.With Halliburton receiving the largest no bid contracts in history and our Vice President STILL having financial interests in this company,(Now Incorporated in the Middle East and no longer a US Company.With the Carlyle Group making billions of dollars supplying arms to fuel the law,a company which lists among it’s largest shareholders,the Bush and Bin Laden families.With a President who has used the generated fear to give HIMSELF Powers,never enumerated in the Constitution,including providing for the Continuity of Government,which not suprisingly does not include the Legislature or any other elected officials besides the President and Vice President,the details of which haveen denied viewing by the Congressional Commitees charged with OVERSIGHT of these very powers and plans. We obviously no longer live in a Democratic Republic.We live in an Empire,where the will of the President is LAW above and beyond the review of ANYONE! I know he feels that GOD speaks to him,this may be true,but in almost all cases in history,this claim of Divine Communication is often cause for the claimant to be commited to an institution as a paranoid,meglomaniac. Follow the money,read the headlines from before 9/11/01 and do a little research,I think that you will agree that a little more independent investigation may be called for.Whether or not Bush speaks to God,our Constitution does not recognize our Presidents omnipotence,and neither should we.

4. profnasty - October 9, 2007

911 ‘arabs’ took flying lessons in sarasota, fl. Mossad shadowed these ‘arabs’ in sarasota. Then baby Bush is found reading My Pet Goat in…you guessed it Sarasota,Florida. Jeepers when did this little poop town become the hub of the pro/anti New World Order? Flight instructor (look it up) from austria(?) speaks german to Mo Atta, who lived in Germany for 7 years, Atta does not respond. Instructor believes Atta(????) does not speak german. Was this a Mossad agent assigned to act as an al qaeda agent? It seems likely in any case. Also note dov zakheim is CEO(?) of SAIC, a company which manufactures remote control airling mechanisms. These have the ability to fly jetliners, some think even to commandeer the controls of jetliners. Did you see the white ‘mystery plane’ seen in the NY skies in the WTC attack time frame? It has since been identified as an airfor ce electronic recon plane. A plane which could easily contain remote control flying equipment. What do you think Dov? Am I getting warm? What about testimony of highly unusual WTC construction activity in the weeks preceeding the attack? And the total electrical shut down on the weekend before the attack…unprecedented. What was Lucky Larry up to? hmmmmm? If not for the ensuing carnage, or continuation of carnage, in Iraq; and the upcoming demonic attack on Iran, it would all be funny. How Jewish funny munny can hogtie the entire american nation. If it weren’t for the blood, and the economic upheavel caused by jewish mismanagement of the world/american economy, it would all be funny. If they do conquer syria and iran, what do you suppose they will do for an encore? I think it will be to turn america into a recreation of their ’30s blockbuster “Uncle Joe’s Jaunt Through the Soviet Union”. Remember that sidesplitter? Ukraine does. It made billions at the Fox Office.