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Double Agents – the ultimate boys’ sweets August 2, 2007

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This page brings back so many memories! When Double Agents were first released I was 10 years old, which is the kind of age where spy’s and spying are really, really exciting; and where sweets are a necessity as much as a treat. So imagine the excitement when I first saw a Double Agents advert, in the middle of my Amazing Spiderman comic; and then the even greater excitement when I saw a packet in my local shop.

I can clearly remember some of the tips now – my favourite being the one where you point the hour hand of your watch at the sun, and then South is half way between the hour hand and 12 o’clock on the dial. I tested this several times using the compass I had in my spy kit (which resided in a box hidden by pulling out the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers – an amazingly secret hiding place when you’re a child).

I also got the fingerprint kit and the revolver, and I may have had the identikit as well, but if I did it doesn’t stick in my mind the way the fingerprint kit did. I’m sure I used more talc with this kit than at any other time in my life, and it became another staple part of my spy kit. I can also remember that collecting enough wrappers for the promotional gifts was easy, as I would only buy Double Agents sweets. I had to collect the entire set of wrappers, and the duplicates I kept getting were used to get the gifts.

I think I may still have at least part of my spy kit, lurking somewhere in my bedroom in my mother’s house. It’s probably alongside my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master Guide and instructions for building a radio that would fit into a TicTac box. These, along with Lego and my drop-handlebar bike (a Raleigh Arena) were what made up my life towards the end of junior school. Atari’s and computers (an Acorn Atom for me and a Tandy TRS-80 for my friend) came 2 years later.

My thanks to John for bringing back very fond memories of my childhood with this site.


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