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2 kids’ deaths – 2 different charges July 29, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre , trackback

Isn’t it strange how the legal system works? Here’s an example of 2 different fathers, accidentally killing their children, and experiencing completely different results in the hands of the same legal system. One father was a professor, who absentmindedly forgot his boy was in his car, and so got let off. The other father was a Peruvian immigrant who didn’t realise that the weather was hot enough to cause distress to his daughter, yet alone kill her: he got 20 years in prison.

Whilst both men are guilty of total lack of care of their children, and probably both deserve to suffer the guilt they probably feel, I don’t believe there is sufficient difference in their cases to justify such a big difference in their sentences. The white, American professor (and everyone has an image of absent-minded professors) is acquitted, whilst the coloured, foreign manual worker is sentenced to 20 years, despite being shown to be of below average intelligence. Which one should have known better?


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