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Crossed fingers photo shoot July 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

I like this article, and would really like it to be true. Since it Snopes doing the telling, then it’s as likely to be true as anything you’re likely to read on the Internet. Anywa, back to the reason for liking this article, which shows a picture of a US army soldier smiling whilst shaking hands with Sen. Hilary Clinton – smiling and also crossing the fingers of his left hand which he is ensuring is in view. Apparently, US soldiers are taught certain signals to give if they ever get captured and paraded on TV, and the crossed fingers signal means that they have been coerced into saying, or doing whatever they are currently saying or doing. The soldier in question certainly seems to have a strained expression on his face during the photo shoot, so I’m happy that this is true, and therefore amusing.


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