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2 great Half Life mods July 7, 2007

Posted by Al in : cool,design,fighting,games , trackback

If you haven’t got Half Life, where have you been? Even if you don’t particularly like First Person Shooters, Half Life qualifies as a must have game as it was once the pinnacle of what PC games were capable of. Although gaming has moved on the Half Life engine is still a very robust means of providing a good 3D experience, and it also allows some great mods to be added to it, effectively creating entirely new games.

First up is The Specialists. This mode has you playing as some of the best characters from recent films and games, and provides a lot of extra moves to relive those Matrix moments. The graphics are OK, the moves look good, and if the gameplay works then this could be fun.

Then comes an even better example of what can be done by modders. Insurgency is a mod for Half Life 2, so the graphics are better than The Specialists, and it also offers a completely new game. This time you have the choice of playing as occupying forces in the Middle East, or as insurgents against those forces. The maps and graphics are excellent, the animation is smooth, whole new command systems have been created to allow squad based combat, and this is better than a load of professional games. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who has Half Life 2, and it’s worth buying it for if you haven’t already got it.


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