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Donnie Yen in S.P.L. June 11, 2007

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If you like martial art films, and I certainly do, then you ought to check out Sha Po Lang, or S.P.L. This is an excellent movie, from Hong Kong, which moves action back to the realistic, rather than having people flying through the air on wires. This is a trend in modern Hong Kong films, and I believe in the rest of the martial arts genre as well, and a trend I heartily approve of. I understand where the belief in magical powers for martial artists comes from, and the wire work you see in Crouching Tiger, or Hero, is justified given the strong history of magic and martial arts in Chinese culture. However, watching S.P.L. or Ong Bak takes martial arts films to another step of realism.

Watch this clip to see how the two opponents hunker down, and start bobbing and weaving in a very realistic manner. It kind of reminds me of Bruce Lee, and also of real fights I’ve witnessed.

As an alternative, you may want to watch this video from S.P.L. which is set to very dramatic music. However, it does give away some of the key points of the film so you may want to watch the film first. Either way – make sure you watch the film.


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