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OpenDNS rock – Google falter May 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting,website , trackback

Google are great. They do wonderful things for web users for free, and the rule as a search engine. However, they have recently teamed up with Dell to place software on PC’s which most users really wouldn’t want, if they understood what it does. Basically, Google’s new software presents many more adverts than previously, and makes users have to read these ads if they make the slightest mistake. Instead, OpenDNS, who I use and would heartily recommend, will offer useful search results if you make any kind of typo when typing a web address. I find OpenDNS very good, and I would advise you to try them at the same time as I would advise you not to buy a Dell PC at the moment. Even more annoying, for anyone buying a Dell and wanting to use OpenDNS, is that this software, which is installed by default, prevents OpenDNS from working.


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