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Possibly boring – how the Internet backbone works May 8, 2007

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The vast majority of any readers will not be interested in this. The rest who are, and try reading this, will probably give up halfway through. However, there may be some people out there who are interested in how the data you request from a web page gets to your PC alongside the telephone calls that your carrier is providing. The answer is using ATM PoP’s, and this article will explain a bit about them. What I find fascinating is the fact that these ATM PoP’s can provide such steady streams of traffic using such small packet sizes (typically 53 bytes), and yet can provide such great QoS , that allows voice traffic to travel alongside data traffic without any issues.

You may find it surprising to find voice traffic having such a low QoS, as this means it will be transmitted at a low priority, and some voice traffic may not be transmitted at all. However the human ear can deal with a lot of missing information, and yet can make out the implied meaning. Providing the context is present, which is usually the case, then partial dropout is OK and is survivable. This means that Voice traffic can be set to a very low QoS and yet still be understandable by the listener.


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