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How a fake SF film saved six hostages April 29, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

This is a gripping story. Back in 1979 the Iranians stormed and seized the American embassy, and captured almost all the residents. For over a year afterwards these hostages were paraded, blindfolded, on TV as symbols of Iranian supremacy over American deceit. Although such sites would be common to us now, at the time this was shocking and brought the world to the edge of their seats. But 6 members of the American embassy managed to evade capture, and 2 months later they managed to escape Iran, and make it back to the USA – thanks to a daring plan by a CIA agent and the help of the Canadian government. The details behind the plan are what makes this interesting, involving a fake SF film and some clever deception. However, what makes this article stand out is the writing – I found this a riveting read.


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