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Robert A Heinlein’s centenary is approaching April 11, 2007

Posted by Al in : SF , trackback

What can I say? I grew up reading Robert A Heinlein, and at one point would have definitely put him as my favourite author of all time. However, I soon grew up and discovered more adult fiction, yet I’ve always had a fondness for the writing’s of Heinlien. I would like to live the kind of life he epsoused in books such as “Friday”, “I Will Fear No Evil”, “Time Enough For Love”, and “Number OF The Beast”. Whilst I agree that these may not be his finest works, they were books that grabbed me when I was a teenager and have lived with me ever since. Say what you want about Robert A. Heinlein, he was a fine author and helped shape Science Fiction into what it is today. I, for one, will be celebrating his centenary.


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